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Trans Kids (On the Margins)

  • Hilton Atlanta 255 Courtland Street Northeast Atlanta, GA, 30303 United States (map)

National Women's Studies Association Annual Meeting
Atlanta, Georgia
Panel: Trans Kids (On the Margins)
With Gabby Benavente, Ann Travers, and Erica Meiners (respondent)

This panel proposes a framework that de-centers the white, binary-conforming, relatively wealthy trans child with parental support that tends to dominate mainstream and social media representations of trans kids. Papers draw on queer feminism/critical race/assemblage theory and critical childhood studies within an anti-poverty/anti-colonial/prison abolition framework 

How to Bring Your Kids Up Trans: The Racialization of Care
My paper shows how white trans children were reduced by medicine to living laboratories, proxies for techniques aimed at altering gendered phenotype. For trans children of color, by contrast, the racialization of plasticity tended to disqualify them as less plastic and therefore less deserving of care, frequently intensifying systems of incarceration. The discourse of plasticity has prescribed one narrow form of futurity through whiteness, while denying a future to those who are barred from its shelter.

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